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                    About local supplementary insurance

                    Local supplementary insurance is a form of employee benefits insurance. Standard local supplementary insurance includes accidental death and disability, term life insurance, public transportation accident insurance, critical illness insurance, supplementary medical care, maternity, hospitalization allowance, accident medical expenses, etc. The supplementary medical care is different from private health insurance in the sense that it has more limitations on the level of protection and use. These restrictions are reflected as follows:

                    • Supplementary medical care must be included in the package and cannot be purchased separately.
                    • It is based on the premise of social security coverage, and it can extend the expenses outside social security in some programs, but it is limited.
                    • The hospital is restricted to the general department of a public hospital and usually does not include a special needs department or international medical department.
                    • Because it is linked to the use of social security, the medical expenses reimbursement will be used by social security first, and use outside the social security area (in mainland China) is generally limited to emergency treatment only.

                    ?In summary, supplementary medical insurance benefits are more suitable for non-foreign employees and their families, as well as non-core senior management and family members. Other non-medical insurance can be applied to all types of employees, but it is common practice in the market to separate the insured amount based on the position or to link the insured amount to the employee's income.

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